Ministry Tracker is shutting down on June 30, 2023 and is being migrated into the Servant Keeper platform. To prevent impacts to your Ministry Tracker data, contact Servant Keeper today at 800-773-7570 or email us at See the Migration FAQs for further details.

Technology For
Church Ministry

Ministry Tracker is online church management software from Faithlife, the makers of Logos Bible Software. With robust features and responsive customer support, Ministry Tracker helps you spend less time on administration and more on ministry, so that more lives are changed.

Personal customer

We pride ourselves on customer support. No matter how much we grow, you can always talk to a real person and get your questions answered the first time around. All our technical support and training is free.


As you discover new needs, we discover new ways to meet them. Our customer support team relays your comments to our developers so that we are continually updating the software, with no downloads or installs required.


Our #1 ranking in affordability is an expression of our commitment to ministries. We care about your work, so we work hard to create a product so powerful and intuitive that price takes a back seat to what we’re helping you accomplish.

A brief history of Ministry Tracker

Ministry Tracker began the online revolution in church management software in 2004 as the first fully online program of its kind. Since then we’ve continued to lead in technology and innovation, unveiling unique features like NetPrint, text attendance, custom children's check-in labels, and more.

Though we have over 13 years of industry-leading experience, we never stop learning. Our partners are our eyes and ears in everyday ministry, and we continue to develop new features based on their feedback. We design our software so that we can update it within a matter of minutes, with no action required on your part.

Joining Faithlife means additional resources and energy are going into the same great service you’ve come to expect. Our dedicated team of customer service representatives has years of ministry experience and are ready to serve. Our heart is to partner with you in ministry and help you reach your goals. These are exciting days for Ministry Tracker and Faithlife, and there has never been a better time to join us.