Ministry Tracker is shutting down on June 30, 2023 and is being migrated into the Servant Keeper platform. To prevent impacts to your Ministry Tracker data, contact Servant Keeper today at 800-773-7570 or email us at See the Migration FAQs for further details.

Child Check-In

Use our intuitive check-in service to securely check children in and out of events and programs, even from your phone. Parents will feel secure knowing their children are protected, and volunteers will have all the information they need to care for children well.

Tags

When children are signed in, a name tag will be generated that includes basic information saved to that student’s profile, as well as medical and allergy alerts (characterized by a small image on the tag). In short: whatever information volunteers need to know will be on the tag.

Security Tags

Keeping students safe is our number one priority. We have created a secure check-in system that creates a dynamically generated security number to one parent or guardian. That number is matched to one student in the standard mode or to multiple students in the family mode, and it changes every week. No one can retrieve a child without that child’s number—and only the right people have access to it.

Custom Tags

Using the Dymo LabelWriter software included free with your LabelWriter, you can create custom labels for your organization. These labels can be sized however you like and include small image files for special events or classes, basic individual person information, and blanks where attendees can add any other relevant information during check‑in.

Detailed Features

Security number We use a dynamically generated character code so that the number cannot be reproduced.
Multi-person sign-in Sign a whole family in at one time using the Family Name Mode.
Multi-event sign-In If you have multiple events occurring at the same time, individuals can choose one or multiple events to sign into.
Touchscreen mode Displays an onscreen keyboard to aid in sign‑in.
Works with Dymo LabelWriter printers Use industry standard Dymo LabelWriter printers for your check-in labels. These printers are relatively inexpensive and available at your local office store or shipped right to your door with our partner Dymo LabelWriter printers also allow custom templates to be designed and uploaded into Ministry Tracker.
NetPrint technology This allows users to sign in from mobile devices and have their labels print at one location. Check in using any mobile device and have the label print on any computer that has a Dymo LabelWriter printer.
Labels per person Choose how many labels will be printed per person. For example:
  • One for a name tag
  • Two for a name tag and a security tag
  • Three for a name tag, a second name tag for a bag, and a security tag
Shared security number When using Family Name Mode to check multiple children in at once, you can decide whether to print an individual security tag for each child or share the security number between multiple individuals, with the number appearing on each tag.
Sign-in customization Customize the sign-in screen to include a custom logo and background image, font color, intro text, and attendance total for the event.
Medical information To avoid violating the HIPAA law, we recommend printing tags that use an image to indicate a medical condition, rather than revealing the actual name of a condition.