Groups are about bringing people together. With Ministry Tracker, you can create groups with just a few clicks. You can even use Smart Groups to instantly create groups based on specific criteria, like age or volunteer commitments.

Standard Groups

Standard Groups make it so that members remain in groups until you either add or remove them. This is perfect for small groups, Bible studies, worship teams, volunteer groups, or any other group or team where membership is based on voluntary involvement, rather than search criteria (such as age, grade level, or gender).

Smart Groups℠

Smart Groups are created from an advanced search with specific criteria. This can be grade level, gender, or a multitude of other options. Once you have created a Smart Group, individuals will be added and removed from the group automatically based on the original search criteria used to create the group.

Detailed Features

Communication Quickly communicate with individuals (or parents of students) in a group.
Smart Groups℠ Keep your lists up to date using unique groups based on matching search results and active querying.
Group directory Build directories for specific groups, such as a small group or the worship team.
Mass updates Update specific fields for all group members at once. (For example, change information to reflect a recent graduation or grade-level change.)
Publicly viewable groups Share your groups via:
  • RSS/XML Feed
  • JSON Feed
  • HTML Feed
  • Google Maps
Adding self to groups Members can text a keyword to add themselves to a group using proTXT℠ (additional subscription required). Or they can login to their member portal account and add themselves to public groups.
Group filtering Use groups as a filter to take attendance, send email and text messages, and more.